Monday, August 8, 2011

Good for The Gander

Well, the guys got bored at the mall so they checked out the purses and discovered what women have known for a long time; purses are handy. Each of the guys picked out his favorite, one that matched his outfit, and tried it on.

Here is each one modeling his favorite.

Colossus thinks he still looks tough.  And, maybe he could carry his tools in it.

Stephen thinks a color matching his eyes would have been better.

Great color, Sulu. Looks like he could "navigate" an evening out with this purse.

Nick likes the shoulder bag as it is rather large and could hold...maybe a "Primeval" creature or two.

Doctor Who likes this one 'cause it matches his shoes.

Credits: See earlier small mall rats and Stephen and Dr. Martha share a quiet moment.

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