Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tea Time

Dr. Martha and Rosie take a break from shopping to have some tea.  Which room and tea set do they like best?

Credits:  Vintage 50s German table and food are from my childhood. Chairs are Hello Dolly. The barely visible icebox used as a credenza is Concord. Both tea sets are made in China; I got them today at Treasure Mart, my local consignment wonderland. Purses and red flower vase are Barbie. Callas and wall decor are craft store items. Wallpaper is scrapbook paper. Floor is scrap of leathery cloth from The Scrap Box. Action figures are from Doctor Who.

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  1. Hey
    what did you mean by: Copy instructions on your birthday gift blog. ?
    the girls are having fun, aren't they?