Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Little Inter-Species Camping

Our friend the squirrel has driven through some rough
country to find the perfect camping spot.

He and his friend set up camp.
If only he could get rid of the stupid chin strap!

Sweet little sleeping bag. Looks like Carl has to sleep on the ground.

Carl takes a load off while waiting for dinner to cook.

Gotta watch out for nature.

And what happens when you forget to
put away the food when you're done? Visitors!

Lit by the last rays of the sun and the dying campfire,
the friends lie down for a good night's rest.

My son and I went to Target to check out MiWorld toys. I was ready to buy several but found I was not that excited by the ones they had there. However, they had Li'l Woodzeez by Battat. They are sets with woodland creatures much like Calico Critters. We liked the little squirrel and the camping set. It was the start of this scene. The set is comprised of the items pictured below.


  1. Carl's taking a load off before the next season of TWD starts. Rest up before the zombies start coming.

    1. Ah, you know TWD. I got Carl because he looks pretty "normal" not because I know too much a bout it. My son keeps me informed, though.