Thursday, December 31, 2015

Long time no blog! or...Surfing Christmas

Since we went on a vacation for Christmas we did not decorate the house. So, I had to make a Christmasy scene to make up for it.

Merry Christmas!

And here is the surfer's living room, an homage to the past, nature,
wood, and surfing...all decked out for Christmas

There are gifts for friends.

Always a good host, surfer boy has treats for
his guests to enjoy while watching his brand new retro TV.

Looks like a retro show, too.

These old things take a little tweeking.

His girlfriend shows the guests his surfboard.

His surfing trophy takes center stage.

He was featured in a magazine as well.

His love of nature, wood, and the Beatles are in evidence as well.

Books and treasures.

His favorite surfing poster.

More stuff.

The coolest telephone ever.

And, he's reading about Frank Zappa...he's his own guy.

My nephew Nicholas gave me the TV for Christmas and it and our trip to Key West inspired this scene. Thanks Nicholas.