Saturday, January 10, 2015

Brick Fixation

I got this little sink awhile ago at the Saturday Kiwanis Sale and have been trying to figure out how to "sink" it into some kind of counter.  Since I have been on this Lego jag lately (my son and I made a know, Doctor Who's time machine..the other day) I had the brilliant idea to build a cabinet around it.  

We got the idea to use this roof plate but it has a slant to it.  My son suggested that if we canted it a bit we could pull it off.

So, here it is.  As you can tell our Legos are not that pristine.  Took about 4 hours to get the dimensions and spacing so that the sink would align perfectly.  FUN!

Sink is great for bathing baby

and for washing loads of dishes.


  1. Looks perfect! Is the counter also from Legos? You find the most interesting things!

  2. Ha! That is so brilliant. Love it!