Tuesday, January 21, 2014

West of Snook

Many Germans settled in Texas. With them they brought cherished treasures from home and they have kept those wonderful things to remind them of their homeland. But, they also embrace their new life and the new treasures to be found...both things and places. From Bayern they traveled to beautiful country west of Snook. They love Snook! And they love the light and have fallen for all things southwestern.  

The photo is of Fraueninsel on Chiemsee, a place
they love. And, as you can see, they also love Snook.

Other photos are of their horses in the pasture and of
Theresienstein in Hof, Bayern. The pillows are from Germany
and a local artisan. The couch came with them across
the ocean in a huge wooden crate and the vintage
chairs were shipped over more recently.

Never ones to take life too seriously, they have a goofy pair
of Lederhosen as decor. Their pup is
not quite sure what to make of them.

On the mantel is a wonderful statue of a horse by
a local artist and the shield of Bayern.

More southwest flavor.

Some German books.

I think even Wagner would approve.

Inspiration for this post came from my brother and sister-in-law who gave me the roombox and who will soon be moving west of Snook, Texas. Somehow "west of Snook" just tickled my husband and me. I HAD to use it for my blog title. We are German..I came over on the boat with my parents when I was little...and so this is a combination of our story and my imagination. We actually did bring the couch, pillows and flower vase over with us in a big wooden crate...one of two crates holding all our worldly possessions. The chairs and table are from Oese, a fellow blogger in Germany. My parents used to visit the Theresienstein and we went on a vacation to Chiemsee before coming to Tennessee to live. All the southwestern stuff is from my brother and his wife. The "W" is for our last name. The horse stuff honors my brother's wife who is an accomplished horsewoman. The Lederhosen were given to me by my husband and son as they quite often make a little fun of all things German...good naturedly. My son, the artist, made the little horse a long time ago. I found Wagner in the Salvation Army Thrift Store I frequent. Nobody wanted Wagner!!! I also HAD to use him in this post. Watch for more of him and Oscar Wilde as I have many ideas.


  1. How nice and fun to use personal story in mini! I love those "Lederhosen":) ...i am German ,too! :) :)

  2. So adorable! I love the humor and love within it all.

    1. Hi Grandmommy,
      So glad you liked it...lots of love for sure as this was a wonderful gift from my brother.

  3. Hallo Doris,
    gut das Du ein großes Feuer im Kamin gemacht hast. Dann taut die Lederhose auf und steht nicht mehr so steifgefroren an der Wand rum. Bei Euch ist es ja wirklich "saukalt".
    Warme Grüße von Monika

    1. Hallo Monika,
      Steifgefrorene Lederhosen...wie drollig! Ya, es war Heute wieder seh sehr kalt und hat wieder geschneit.
      Mit klapperne Zähne,

  4. I especially love the cushions on the sofa - and the whole post. So full of ideas and love and fun!

  5. What a lovely story and the room is so warm and cozy. I was actually born in Frankfurt, but left as a baby and have never been back. My Dad was in the Army and was stationed there. Maybe one day I'll get to see Germany.

    1. Hi Minis-B, Thanks for the nice comments. How interesting that you were born in Germany...small world, no? I have only been back once myself.