Sunday, January 12, 2014

Muy Poquito Humorismo...Mi Casa del Suroeste

After reading a new cookbook called Seven Fires
we decided to cook in the living room and open up
the doors to the outside and make at least two fires.

We gathered some good ingredients and did
some cookin' and some drinkin'. With safety in mind we
remembered the fire extinguisher.

Our little Casa was a good place to relax
while waiting for the food to cook. Even
pup was relaxed and drooling.

We set up the outside area so we could watch the firepit. Again,
safety is always paramount so we set up close to the fire
hydrant.  The dog was happy about that, as well.

Not exactly sure what we were cooking here.

It's good that there are directions to our favorite places.

A huge thank you to my brother and his wife for sending me this wonderful southwestern roombox for Christmas. It belonged to my sister-in-law which makes it even more special. They also sent a bunch of accessories..pillows, rugs, food, drinks, baskets, pottery, travois, the shelf. All fabulous. The inspiration for the two fires is from the cookbook mentioned above which my brother also gave me. The little car on the shelf is an homage to my brother as he is quite the car fancier.
My son and I had fun figuring out how to make the fires look at least a little realistic...Lego fire and burned!
I love the way that in the southwest dirt is so beautifully patterned....really an upholstery sample.
The signpost has Ann Arbor on it as that is where I live and College Station as that is near where my brother is moving. Also note the Ann Arbor postcard pillow.
The signpost, fence, odd thing cooking outside and the cowboy on the mantel are from a work colleague who gave me a bunch of toys. I knew I could use those things sometime!


  1. So cute and so so sentimental! I love the way the sun can shine in since I is probably hot in that little world. :-)

    1. Hi, Thanks...yes, I am a sentimental denying.

  2. Designer dirt and fried fish and hot sauce (yeah baby) in the living room! I love it! Your mind works in mysterious ways, lady! Should I be afraid for you?

    1. My husband says not to worry as Lego flames and little logs don't really cause too many problems. But the fish frying...well.