Saturday, September 28, 2013

MJ Calls It A Night or Stop Me Before I Blog Again

MJ gets to sleep in the tent. It's been set up just for her with a clock, some art books and a travel book, more intellectual reading material than what she brought with her (Forty Shades of Gray!!!), towels and washcloth, sunglasses, and TV for some sleepytime viewing.

There is an atlas so she can check out all the places she has yet to go. And it looks like she might have a diary there.

Nice setup.

Just a little TV before nodding off.

Mmmm, cozy.


  1. She looks nice and comfy. I bet she fell asleep before she even opened the book!

  2. Oh so cozy and snugly! Not surprised about her choice of book in her suitcase after staying with Cyd!

  3. That's such a nice setting! I think she has all she needs! Have fun and enjoy !:)

  4. Thanks all! I love having buds all around the world. I think Jaz ought to get the mini world peace prize for promoting good feelings all around the globe. If were as nice to each other as the mini community is...where would hatred be???
    Peace out,