Saturday, September 7, 2013

Love Drama and Curtains

A new man comes over for a little visit. Not sure the monkey likes him. And...he brought hot dogs.

Our gal wishes he'd think about some healthier maybe some fruit.

He looks around and is thinking to himself that she's got a pretty nice setup here.

What's with all the pictures of men? Well she says, "They are some old boyfriends. What of it?"

Guess he's not minding too much. Maybe he figures his picture will be on her shelf if he plays his cards right.

I love the curtain's a chop stick my son gave me.

New pillows from the curtain material.

Can't deal with description of all the items. Some of the stuff is cool, though. The fruit is Runts candy my son wanted me to add to the scene and he snuck the Jack-O-Lantern in there. The pink composition book is something I also got recently at Kiwanis that I had forgotten to photograph. The monkey is from a work colleague. The cool gold thing is my son's.


  1. This lady doesn't play around. LOL She has a nice place and he better behave it in too!

  2. Thanks for the story. It brings things to live. Love your arrangement!

  3. I just love your stories! Is Spongebob one of her old boyfriends too?

  4. Hi all,
    So glad you all like the story. Spongebob was probably someone she "loved" when she was little...he does look well loved. I forgot to mention my sister gave it to me. I think one of her sons found it on the ground...hence the dirt.
    Love to all..