Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Seasons...Winter

As I am officially not wanting winter this year...and that is official...I got inspired to do a scene. Also, I was inspired by the samples from the Shade Store to do a post on each of the seasons.  This sample looked wintry, icy, grey, and dark to me. Anyway, here in Michigan, this is how you get through winter...
1.  Have chocolate and warm drinks available.
2.  Read an Atlas to try to find warm places and read a book called Frühling (spring).
3.  Catch up on reading
4.  Decorate with springlike pillows.
5.  Have your boots and shovel ready.
6.  Don't forget the lotion for those scaly spots.
7.  Keep your furry critters happy so they can help you stay warm.


  1. This room's got me feelin' all warm and cozy : )

  2. Bwahahaha! I love the shovel! Looking forward to see what you do for the other seasons. :D

  3. Hi Studio and Mini...Ya'll are too kind. I realized I forgot something huge...will do an update in a bit. Crazy busy these days so may have to wait.
    Hugs to all.