Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Seasons...Spring

If winter comes can spring be far behind?
Spring, the season of re-birth...or in this case, it seems, birth itself.

Looks like someone wants baby to like cars.


  1. That's a pretty scene! So Simple yet effective. We are celebrating our first sunny day of spring oh joy! Hugs xx

  2. I love the armchair and the shelves ! What are they?

  3. Very sweet. I like the greenish/blue colors you used, and you know what I really like? You didn't tell us about the STUFF! I might follow your lead!

  4. Hi sweet readers,
    I'm on my husband's computer as I am unable to respond on mine (???). Thanks for all your comments. If anyone besides Neomi wants to know about the's from Barbie Play All Day Nursery the entire set of which is selling now on ebay for 125.00!!! Got part of the set at our Kiwanis sale for $4 or so along with a pile of other stuff I showed in an earlier post. The shelf is a cosmetic holder upended. Thanks Minis-B. I loved reading where all the mini bloggers got their goodies when I first started out, but actually doing it was sort of tedious and took some of the fun out of writing the blog for me. Might do it every once in awhile, but generally is more like work to me.
    peace out friends

  5. Hi. Found here, and I am happy about it. Love your cool and modern blog! Can`t now add myself to be your official follower, because there is some problem with joining in there..Google says you should check something? But I copied your address and pasted it to my blog so there you are already... :D

    1. Hi Kikka,
      Thanks for your support and praise and for adding me to your blog. I love yours, too.
      hugs across the miles.