Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hunky Dory at 65/Anglophile

Ah, yes, I am an Anglophile. Ever since The Beatles!
I saw an article about the best English pubs to visit for Christmas in The Guardian and immediately had an idea for a scene.
Here are the pictures from The Guardian. Wouldn't you want to have a pint in either place?

Little Nan's in Deptford

The Flask in Highgate 

Well, my version is pale in comparison, but I like it. And the action figures ARE all British. There's Doctor Who, Rose Tyler and Martha Jones from Doctor Who and Stephen Hart and Nick Cutter from Primeval. And, of course, Oscar Wilde from himself.

Getting served by Oscar Wilde...that's wild!

Quite the literary pub.

And there's tea.

Cozy fire.


  1. I would hang out there, read a book by the fireplace with a hot toddy!

  2. You've definitely captured the mood! Getting that warm-inside-and cold-outside, can I have whatever you're drinking vibe! Happy Holidays!