Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hunky Dory at 65/Diversions...Reading and Crosswords

First in a series
all about me at 65

Crossword Puzzles
Armchair Travel

This would be a dream spot to read. I love anything tropical and these things evoke that feeling...leafy wallpaper, rattan furniture, sunshine.

And when I read I like a dictionary close by. Art, another love.

Art book
Bird book

Shelves loaded with cool things.

Horse sculpture made by my son.

My husband's high school senior photo.

Photo of my son, stepdaughter, and husband.

A paint palette my Mom had made since my son is an artist.

Crossword puzzle and COFFEE, though I like mine with milk in it.

Cushy pillows on the floor.

Gotta have these.

And I strive to be nice just like the pillow says.


  1. Hi Doris, because I wanted to show a (new) person (in my life) my blog, I saw you new post. So good to read you and see your miniature-realized dreams. I like it very much. Such a pity, that we are no more in contact via skype or email. I miss it. But it is the same with other friends from the blogging time. It seems to be over. Nearly over, when I look at your nice pictures. Lots of love and best wishes and greetings from Germany to you and Husband! Petra

  2. What a wonderful collection of beautiful minis! The mood is perfect for relaxing! I especially like the family pictures in mini! I keep intending to make some of my own family.... will get to it eventually!