Saturday, August 29, 2015

Horse Theme Cont'd....Ridin' in the Loft

Just because Daddy bought a big loft and your bedroom is huge, does not mean you need to ride a horse in it for goodness sake! But, then again, you might as well if nothing else than to impress the heck out of your girl.

He's got everything a guy could want...a TV, cool posters

a gorilla,

tools, a traffic cone,

pudding for afters,

a cozy bed with fake fur,

a beanbag chair, and, well, stuff.

Later, his friend watches TV and he's left with the can of pudding.
Bare bulb industrial lighting...that's cool.

I bought the Walking Dead Carl Grimes action figure as it was finally on sale. He is really detailed as I have found out the McFarlane action figures are. Also, I think he looks pretty normal...not all the Walking Dead figures do. I like action figures as they usually look better than dolls, but sometimes action figures have strange clothes or they are zombies like some of the Walking Dead ones. I did realize when I got home that the scale is smaller than 1:12 so I had to use a lot of my smaller things...lots of Playmobil from my son's childhood. The beanbag is his hacky sack which he put with my miniature things awhile ago. I found the Deadman comic poster in a Taschen catalog and could not resist the irony of that in the bedroom of a guy from the Walking Dead TV show. 

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