Sunday, July 20, 2014

Laundry Time

"Small" chores....we all have to do them.

Twenty floors up, nice view, new washer and dryer.

The decor may be someone's idea of a joke. 

Colossus is happy that she got the large size hangers.

And, it's fun to read while you are waiting. Pretty sure you are not supposed to be sitting on the dryers, though.

Many thanks again to my son for his assistance on this project. He suggested I use the gum containers for something. I thought they looked like a washer and dryer so here's my idea. We both love Legos so it was fun making the controls...also the pipe is supported by Legos. He also made the little hangers in the laundry basket.


  1. Hello from Spain: great machine. Fabulous furniture. -. Keep in touch

  2. You crack me up so much with your posts =0P Nice use of the gum containers.

  3. Great Idea - the washers are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The washer and dryer look fabulous! Very realistic and modern.

  5. I love!. I have several of those gum containers saved up. I knew they were good for something!

  6. That is a fabulous laundry room! And what a view. Though the decor is a little odd indeed. Very nice! I love your photos! - Miri

  7. I don't know how you come up with your stories but they're always so cute. I really thought a modern looking washer and dryer set had come on the market. Great job of re-purposing! 7/27 (OK, I dated it just out of curiosity to see how long it takes to actually show up. I told you about my little issue with commenting on your blog)

  8. guys are all very sweet. I'm so glad you all liked it. My son and I had fun coming up with this.