Sunday, June 22, 2014

"Wood"n't You Want To Live Here?...I "Wood"

Goin' for the natural wood look.

The picture is a little "grainy."

Nice warmth of wood in the kitchen, too.

All set for Kaffeeklatsch with some beignets.

And, upstairs, a purple bedroom.

All homes are better with a chimp who loves ChocoSmoothie.

A big thank you to my sister and her brother-in-law and nephew found the vintage wood furniture at an antique store...for this wonderful birthday present.
Thanks to my son Will for the wood plant pedestals and bedside table. He's quite the connoisseur of wilder wood. He also gave me the MooCow chocolate milk, the Sugar Flakes and the really big sandwich. Scenes are always better if someone "messes" with them a bit. Will added the chimp.

Here's how it all looks when you get a full view.


  1. Dear Doris
    Congratulations on your birthday- somewhat belated....
    The furniture is awesome, especially the kitchen!

  2. I wood too! "The picture is a little grainy" You totally crack me up, too funny. What great birthday presents. Hope you had a great one! Love the wood!!

  3. Hi Ladies, Glad you liked my silliness and thanks for the birthday greetings.
    Many hugs,

  4. I absolutely love Will's wild wood pieces! Your family always comes up with great mini gifts for you. Happy Belated B'day!

  5. I forgot to date my comment because for some reason my comments either don't appear or they take forever to appear. Just curious to see how long this takes. Ha Ha 7/2

  6. Hey Minis-B....Sometimes it takes awhile for the comments to show because your fellow blogger doesn't get to her computer so much lately...Your nice words are always appreciated, though. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I will let my son know you like his wood stuff. He has made beads for me and a lovely letter opener. Quite the whittler!
    hugs from me to you