Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our Little Library with BOOKS

 The sunny library.  With plants galore and an influx of new books.

A great place for brother to help sis work on no less. Mom is cleaning out the fireplace as it is the first day of spring tomorrow and she is hopeful that she won't need the warmth.

Sis is studying Klimt.

Dad is watering plants.


Someone put up a new poster.

And after a busy day it is always nice to sit down together and do a little reading.

Oh, did I love making books!! I found book jacket images on the web, mini-sized them and glued them around foam core board. I couldn't stop! Here are just a few examples of some of my favorite ones. I wish my printer printed a little more clearly. Maybe running out of ink. Now I am going to look for more of certain kinds of books...specific ones I love.


  1. Your books came out great! I am glad you had fun. I really like those pillows! The sun streaming in is a nice effect also.

  2. What a beautiful, bright and sunny room! There's so much detail to take in and all the books are a major part of the interest. Who doesn't love shelves full of books, whether you read or not?

  3. Making books is so much fun!

  4. Hi all you wonderful women!! You have overwhelmed me with your support. So nice to have a circle of friends.
    Your friend,

  5. Hi! Your Library is such a sunny and beautiful room with the books and the flowers!...I Love your books, there are never too many books in the dollhouse!

  6. I always think I will try my hand at making something and then...I don't. But I do like the books you have made. I need to really set some time aside and try this whole "crafty" business, ey? Ha! Also, I like this scene. It has a very warm and inviting feel.

  7. Hi Kikka and MC...Thanks so guys are always so nice.