Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dory's Malibu Beach House...well...Beach ROOM

I got the very cute chest of drawers at the Kiwanis Thrift Sale the other day and spent some time trying to find out where it came from. It had "Disney 2008" written on the bottom. I tried to figure out what Disney movies it could have possibly come from. My son wondered if it could have been from Hannah Montana and there you go....correct! Children!! It comes from the Hannah Montana Malibu Beach House. That gave me the inspiration for my own beachy room. A girly-girl lives there but her heart is in the right place.




Many thanks to Alice Zinn for the Port St. Lucie bag , Jazzi for the Aussie Flag and cool map pillow (I love maps). These were all part of MJ's goodies. Thanks to my sister for the peace sign card. And, of course, thanks to Will, for sussing out the Hannah Montana connection.  I also got this chair and ottoman that is from the same beach house set.
For the next scene...


  1. What fun! Amazing you came up with such a cool room just starting with a dresser! Love that light!

  2. That turned out great! Looks like you have been busy!

  3. Hallo Doris,
    Du machst immer schöne Sachen.
    Viele Grüße von Monika

  4. Ahhhh...the beach! So much more inviting than the 25 degrees we have here! I always thought the Hanna Montana furnishings were Barbie sized. Wonderful scene!

    1. Barbie sized Schmarbie sized...I've come to discover I don't much care. I do believe they are Barbie sized. The chair swallows up most of my dolls, hence the scene without people.

  5. Wow! It's so cute and beachy! I love it!

  6. Hi Ladies, You all are so kind. I did not at first think this post was all that profound, but I like it more and more. Thanks for the compliments.