Saturday, July 27, 2013


Everybody's busy in the new commercial kitchen.

Ready to make some great pastry.

Cake cutting.

Checking recipes, seeing what's available in the refrigerator, conferring on what to make next.

Look at all that yummy stuff.

Everything they need close at hand.

A great place for washing up.

Nice little stove. Always good to keep safety in mind. They have a fire extinguisher and an ambulance at the ready in case of any accidents.

Lots of pots and pans.

Thanks to my sis for the inspiration on this. She got me the wonderful little bowl with eggs and egg beater and the ambulance. 


  1. what a great idea. I like the way you put them all into action and also how you painted the kitchen white!

  2. Don't think I'd be game enough to enter that kitchen with the knife wielding cook! Great use of items though! xx

  3. You're having more fun in your dollhouses than I am. I need to get back to this tiny gig... ;) Your sister got you some nice minis. Isn't great when somebody gets it? ha ha

  4. Thanks to all help a girl keep on doin' it. Still have some things from my sissy I need to use. She is a great little sis.
    Love to all.