Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Well, at dinner the other night we started out talking about whether or not I was going to be working on painting the dollhouse. From there we went on to discuss whether or not I was going to paint the ceilings. Then, in a house full of punsters, we came up with MICRO-ANGELO who could paint the ceiling. he is.  I have been wanting to use this little guy since my work colleague Maria gave him to me. He's not wearing much because he doesn't want to get paint on his clothes. His big feet provide good balance for the work he does, especially since what he's standing on is not the safest.

Yep, I am starting the house painting. That's the bedroom in the picture. I was going to be safe and go the white wall route, but this is for PLAY and you should do what you want. I have always wanted bold walls and now I will have them. Here are my colors. 
pale bluish green - bathroom
purple - bedroom
brown - living room
deep red - dining room
deep yellow - kitchen

The paints are pods from Ace Hardware. They are supposed to help one decide what color to paint a wall. Just buy a few colors and paint a patch of wall to see how you like it. They have tons of cool colors.


  1. Too Funny! I say have your little fella paint the ceilings...white.

  2. MicroAngelo! Love it!!! But he kinda sucks at painting. Get to work dude!