Sunday, December 2, 2012

Conservatory Workday

First a little work in the Conservatory.

There's watering to do.

Records to update.

Notes to check.

Any disease?


When that's all done, conversation and refreshments.


  1. Those dolls freak me...are they from Matrix? lol...Good work...hugs J xx

  2. Hi Jazzi,
    Pic 1 Nyota Uhura from Star Trek, tall one
    Pic 2 Martha Jones from Doctor Who
    Pic 3 Stephen Hart from Primeval
    Pic 4 Colossus from the X Men; from my son's collection
    Pic 5 Nick Cutter from Primeval
    Thanks sweetie.
    I did have that Matrix guy Morpheus in my Keuken Veldt scene.
    hugs back at ya.

  3. I love those dolls, I have a girl from Twilight, I like how their clothes have creases in them. Their shoes and jackets look so hip! CM

  4. Hi CM,
    Thanks; I like the dolls, too. They are so much better than most dollhouse dolls. My next idea is to use my son'e Einstein action figure in a scene. Watch for it!
    your friend in minis,