Saturday, June 16, 2018

Squirelley Glamping

Every once in awhile you just need to get away on your own.
Now, squirrel is not one for roughing it.
He takes his van and his new very large tent to his favorite spot by a river.
The bed is just right.

There's a nice chest to hold essentials.

He cooks a fish he caught in the river.

Never hurts to bring extra food, though.

Heating water for coffee.

Checking the beer.

And, at last, mellowing out. A little "gnome" fact...if you
bring yours along it makes the campground feel like home.

I have not posted in a very long time. But, my sister's birthday presents gave me ideas. Thanks, Sis, for the bucket of beer, the van (it's actually a bird feeder) and the gnome.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Max Illa's Saki-to-me Dinner

As sometimes is the case with hard workin', hard playin' musicians, they overindulge. Max has already emptied two huge Saki bottles.

Sulu, his waiter, says,"Sir, I am not sure you need more Saki.
You seem to be leaning already." 

"Hey, man, I been eatin'....see. And I'm leanin' towards more Saki."

"Sir, there is also lots of food available to put some meat on those bones."

My dear husband got me this cool Re-ment poseable skeleton for Christmas. One of the sets has the tatami mat, Saki bottle and cup and the food. The other food items are erasers.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Hunky Dory at 65/Newfound Activist

Bare Bones Bar
Fund the Resistance Dance
Featuring Max Illa

Started out with a pretty good crowd.

All were welcome.
Some of these people are refugees....from another planet even!

Nobody minds if you dance alone.

Also fun if someone joins you.

Max was great and the crowd gave him a, wait...two hands.

And saki helps when you want to "SAK" it to the people in power.

Remember not to lose your sense of humor.

More and more people came to support the cause.

'Til there was quite a crowd.

I decided to get political with this scene. 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hunky Dory at 65/Anglophile

Ah, yes, I am an Anglophile. Ever since The Beatles!
I saw an article about the best English pubs to visit for Christmas in The Guardian and immediately had an idea for a scene.
Here are the pictures from The Guardian. Wouldn't you want to have a pint in either place?

Little Nan's in Deptford

The Flask in Highgate 

Well, my version is pale in comparison, but I like it. And the action figures ARE all British. There's Doctor Who, Rose Tyler and Martha Jones from Doctor Who and Stephen Hart and Nick Cutter from Primeval. And, of course, Oscar Wilde from himself.

Getting served by Oscar Wilde...that's wild!

Quite the literary pub.

And there's tea.

Cozy fire.

Hunky Dory at 65/Walking

Walking is my thing. I love the way it makes me feel alive and I get to enjoy nature. I have done several 10ks and one half marathon. 

So, here's my mini-take on it.
Wish I were this thin and young and I wish
I could do my walking in Provence. Not
sure about the boots.

Here's the real me at a 10k in Apalachicola, Florida.

And one in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

SKELETONS!! Cool New Re-Ment Minis

I was scouting around for Re-Ment minis when I happened upon these funny new sets on Amazon.
Aren't these hilarious? And, since they are Re-Ment, the quality should be good. I am asking for them for Christmas.